Meet the new Yousemble

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What’s New

We’re super excited to release our brand new homepage and dashboard. We’ve poured in many hours and completely rebuilt the Yousemble Core from scratch, which means faster sites, updates and growth. The app has been layered upon a faster and more powerful architecture with solid state drives and an incredibly fast network which is a huge step forward for Yousemble.

All of this would not have been possible without your continued and valued support while we strive to build a better, faster and beautiful web for businesses and individuals.

Under the hood

Design and Interface
An improved dashboard and interface with minimalistic design giving you more control over your account while accessing tools faster.
New Payment Gateway
We're now using Stripe a bigger, better and internationally secure payment gateway. Stripe is a Level 1 PCI compliant company, meaning there are even stricter policies around credit cards and international security. If you are prompted to re-enter your credit card details when logging into Yousemble please reconfirm your information, your security and details are a top priority for us.
Different Currencies
Yousemble is now available in multiple currencies depending on where you are in the world. Paying in your local currency will reduce bank charges and conversion fees. You will now be charged instantly in your currency where supported. Our currencies now include - USD, GBP, AUD, EUR and ZAR.
Invoices and Statements
Download and check on your own invoices at any time anywhere. Any new invoices going forward will be accessible when logging into Yousemble. Once a month, a consolidated statement will be emailed to you showing your current account balance.
You now have the ability to check on transfers, resend requests, check DNS records and do bulk domain searches.
Internal redirects are now free. There is no charge for domains redirecting to your Yousemble managed domain, only outgoing redirects that have a custom URL.
Yousemble now resides on a lightning fast SSD server in London, strapped to a 40Gbps network. This is an incredible boost in speed and performance for all on the platform.


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