How to Grow Your Email List and Get More Subscribers

How to Grow Your Email List and Get More Subscribers image

If you've already launched your site or planning to, having an email list is vital. Your email list can increase engagement on your site and attract new and repeat customers.

This is a follow-on to our first post on Important Email Marketing Fundamentals for Growth

72% of consumers prefer to receive email communication from brands the follow according to Marketing Sherpa.

The steps below are strategies in building your list.

Create compelling content

People won't read what doesn't interest them. Create relevant content that genuinely help your subscribers. Information that will serve their needs will be bookmarked and shared among associates. 

Sending out sneak peeks of new products or exclusive offers will draw your community in and create trust. Brand loyalty is built over time, through consistency and transparency. Don't abuse your list by delivering content that they don't want to see or adds no value to them.

Give something away for free

Everyone likes free gifts, so creating a free ebook, guide or video for new subscribers acts as a "hook" to reel in new followers.  Promote your giveaway on your blog or website near your "Subscribe" form and redirect new subscribers to a "Welcome" page whereby they can download and share your site with friends.


Grouping subscribers into segments by age, gender, interest and more helps you to send more targeted and relevant messages to those segments. This avoids unsubscribes from those that are not interested in emails that have no relevance to what interest them. 

Most mass email software as the ability to maintain a healthy email list and discover which groups are most interested, who purchases and who are most likely to share with others. 

Make is easy

Keep everything as simple as possible. Easy to sign up, and easy to unsubscribe. A very well positioned and designed opt-in form will make all the difference for those wanting to join the list.

Create incentives

Discount coupons, sales, and freebies are great ways to encourage more signups. Sending out promotional emails encouraging existing subscribers to share with friends for discounts and prizes will help expand your list. 

Not all incentives need to be monetary based. Sharing one-on-one consultations or information can also be leveraged to add additional benefits for your subscribers.


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